No two lives are lived the same, some may feel that a memorial should be as unique as the life it commemorates. We are proud to be able to design and make bespoke headstones using the finest materials and customised lettering and imagery.

Each of these memorials is designed to be individual, we hope that, should you want to, they will offer inspiration in terms of materials, lettering style, ornamentation and wording to help you to create something truly individual.


Creating a Memorial

A memorial is a celebration of a loved ones life, somewhere friends and family can go to remember, so it is Important to choose something that will best represent the person it commemorates. A memorial doesn’t have to be big; the shape, material, inscription or design work can speak volumes about the character being commemorated.

Shapes and Materials

The choice is ever expanding as new materials and ideas are becoming more and more readily available from all over the world. There are a few different shapes and materials shown on our website, but more are shown in our brochure. It is important to consider the memorials setting, a black granite memorial will probably not be permitted in a country churchyard and would look out of place, but a slate or sandstone headstone will blend in nicely. An all polished memorial is easy to keep clean, whereas rustic edged stone or a slate boulder will look a little more natural.


Generally inscriptions follow a similar format – a heading (In loving memory of), the name, some info (a dear husband and father) and then died and aged. This makes a warm and concise message and makes it easy to follow if another inscription is to be added. However there are no hard and fast rules particularly in council run cemeteries, making it possible to say a little more. Although this can make the cost of the inscription higher it can help make a stone reflect a person. There is nothing wrong with mentioning a hobby, a job, elements of character or quoting a favourite saying or song. Famously Spike Milligan had engraved on his headstone ‘I told you I was ill’.


A design is the most obvious way of individualising a headstone and helping instill a picture of a life lived. Over the years we have engraved images of pets, cars, trains, sports, birds and landscapes (to name a but a few). Our ability to create individual design work is something we take great pride in. Please feel free to contact us for any help or advice.

Pet memorials

We recognise the loss of a much loved pet is like losing a member of your family. Our memorials serve as a permanent commemoration to the life of your pet. Perfect for your garden, house or somewhere you feel a special connection to your pet.